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Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations, digital assets, smart contracts, and other distributed ledger technologies are transforming the way we conduct business around the globe.

These disruptive technologies are enabling innovation across many well-established industries and sectors - financial services, logistics, energy, security, healthcare, real estate, and others. 

BlackHouse Legal is at the forefront of this emerging new economy.

Our international legal team helps clients strategize and execute legally sound Initial Coin Offerings. We advise on jurisdiction, token structure, and other core compliance considerations when launching an ICO.

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Perpinder Patrola

Blackhouse Legal helps clients successfully launch, finance and develop their blockchain projects - while staying legally compliant. We can assist you with token & jurisdiction analysis, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering requirements, corporate finance, and more. 

Working in conjunction with Blackhouse Capital - our team is comprised of experienced lawyers and financial professionals in Vancouver, Toronto, London (England), and Dubai. We have helpedtech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs measure risk tolerance and navigate the complex regulatory framework associated with distributed ledger technologies.

Our team has extensive experience representing clients around the world on legal matters including:

- Corporate finance
- Securities transactions
- Anti-money laundering
- Complex mergers and acquisitions
- Capital markets
- Public offerings
- Private placements
- International licensing agreements
- Trade-mark applications 

Perpinder is the founder of BlackHouse Legal and he has a keen interest in blockchain projects. He has assisted clients locally and internationally on initial coin offering and regulatory compliance matters.  Prior to starting his own practice, Perpinder worked for two of the largest corporate law firms in Canada. Perpinder was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2007.


Our Compliance Process




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token & jurisdiction analysis

Every country's ICO regulations are different and constantly evolving. Our team analyzes regulatory shifts in these jurisdictions on a case-by-case basis to ensure you have a clear and secure pathway to the marketplace.

  • Assessment of token legal structure, jurisdiction deployment, whitepaper, blockchain model, website, press release

  • Application of the Staff Notice 46-307 Cryptocurrency Offerings notice

  • Risk assessment using Howey Test, Family Resemblance Test, Risk Capital Test




corporate governance.png

Corporate Structure & Governance

An ICO requires strong governance in order to succeed long term. Whether you decide to operate as an incorporated entity or decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), we can help you build the most suitable ICO legal framework to streamline business operations and maximize growth opportunities.

  • Corporate formation and structure

  • Determining liabilities and responsibilities

  • Issues regarding privacy, trust, and duties among blockchain users and third parties



Our team will develop an ideal financial strategy to help you structure, fund, and manage the life cycle of your ICO campaign.

  • Initial capitalization and private placement

  • Token distribution

  • Fund liquidation and distribution

  • Escrow services

  • Tax strategy and planning

consumer data protection.png

Consumer privacy & protection

Critical to the success of any ICO are compliance to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Integration of KYC and AML not only guarantees your operations are in line with government regulations, but also gives you a deeper understanding of your investors for future decision-making.

IP security.png

intellectual property protection

Secure your brand, products & services with trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property protection measures globally.

  • Company name

  • Logos

  • Product and service names

  • Slogans and taglines

  • Domain name

  • Sound marks



ICO compliance and risk mitigation involves drafting a set of clear and concise legal documentation to properly structure your services or offerings.

  • Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT)

  • Blockchain-specific software license & development agreements

  • Employee contract agreements

  • Independent developer contractor agreements

  • Internet documentation such as privacy policy, terms of use, cookie policies, Anti-spam legislation (CASL)

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Escrow agreements

  • Legal opinion letter for the token's compliance with the Canadian Law




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After the completion of your ICO, you will have many more critical decisions to make in order to successfully grow and manage your business. Our experienced legal team provides comprehensive post-ICO legal services to ensure that all your business goals are achieved.

  • Post-ICO funds audit completed in conjunction with our financial division to ensure clarity and ethical behaviour

  • Exchange listing assistance including contract negotiation and legal document preparation

  • FINTRAC compliance

  • Money services businesses

  • IP monitoring

  • Litigation matters regarding contract, commercial, and negligence issues


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